Escape to the city of Palaces

Escape to the city of Palaces

The cultural capital of Karnataka, Mysuru is one of the India’s most mesmerising cities, that is famous for its glittering royal heritage and elegant monuments and buildings. The World Heritage listed palaces attracts many of the travellers to the city which is also rich in tradition and culture. It is also adorned with deeply atmospheric bazaar that is littered with rare spice stores and incense stalls. Another drawcard of Mysuru is the Ashtanga yoga which is teached in many schools around the city that attracts foreigners across the globe. The fame for third populous city in India goes for Mysuru that has a royal history and regal heritage that is lush with art and culture. Mysuru, being evolved from traditional land to an upcoming IT hub, it is an amazing fusion of modern and royal elements. Also, the climate is favoured to the visitors throughout the year being the centre for commerce in South India. To enjoy your trip with family or friends and have a comfort halt while your odyssey there are excellent hotels in Mysore.  Mysuru have lots of tourist attractions to explore the enchanting beauty of the city among which the palaces are the main inviting spots:


  • Mysuru Palace

The palace is a royal splendor of the city designed by an English architect, Henry Irwin. The three storeyed structure dominates the skyline of the city was built in Indo-Saracenic style between 1897-1912. The palace has excellently designed square towers at cardinal points and covered with domes. The Mysuru palace is elegantly decorated; Darbar hall with sculpted pillars and ornate ceiling and the Kalyana Mantapa with the shiny tiles and domed ceiling and stained glass are feast for eyes. There are uncountable valuable treasures in the palace including carved doors, golden howdah, beautiful paintings, fabulous golden throne and many more. There are class hotels in Mysore near Mysore Palace to have a rejuvenating stay near the mighty structure.


  • Jayalakshmi Palace

Jayalakshmi Palace is one of the Heritage structure that is situated in Manasagangothri. This palace is constructed on a hill lock, to the western side of a popular lake in Mysuru called Kukkarahalli Lake. Rajkumari Mansion, that was the old name of the palace was built for princess Jayalakshammanni, who is the eldest daughter of Maharaja Chamaraja Wodeyar in the year 1905. The total cost of the palace at that time was Rs. 7 lakh. The palace has 3 museums namely, Archeology Museum, General Museum and Folklore Museum, each presenting a display of rare crafts and arts. It has many artefacts that were brought from all over the state.


  • Lalitha Mahal Palace

Lalitha Mahal Palace which is the second largest in the list of palaces next to Mysuru Palace is situated on the low hill. It is placed just outside the royal city of Mysuru that seems to be a shimmering white palace. Lalitha Mahal is a marvelous Italianate palace with double columned and domed structure and set in the draping terraced and pretty gardens. This palace was built by the erstwhile Maharaja of Mysore to settle his important guest, the Viceroy of India. The Mahal is now one of the most luxurious hotels in India, a royal palace hotel to experience the princely living in a real palace. The palace is a grand two-storeyed building of twin ionic columns and beautiful motifs and lithographs that is decorated lavishly. Enjoy the wonderful architectures in Mysore and make yourself comfortable at the luxury hotels in Mysore to start your exploration afresh.


  • Jaganmohan Palace

Jaganmohan palace is a magnificent, spectacular building adding to the royal glory of this city. It is an apt example of brilliant architecture and historical prominence. This palace being situated at the centre of the city used to be a retreat home for the royal family. The palace was constructed in 1861, over 150 years ago! This three storied palace was built in the traditional architectural style. The most attractive aspect of this palace is the beautiful carvings that adorn the entire building. The mind blowing creative at the entrance itself move away the visitors. The walls and doors are the excellent masterpiece of the time and exquisite cravings all around.


  • Rajendra Vilas Palace

This mighty palace is situated atop the Chamundeshwari hill, that has the complete view of the enchanting city of Mysuru being above 1,000 feet above the ground level. Rajendra Vilas is a grandiose that still presides as a royal summer retreat in the midst of lush, wild foliage and polished, beautiful flowering gardens.


Explore the creative art and culture embodied on the magnificent palace walls and roofs. Enjoy the mesmerising beauty of these palaces with your family and friends. Mysore is the perfect place to get away on your holidays to indulge yourself in the history and culture of India. Seat yourself in the star hotels in Mysore to halt during your journey and have a memorable holiday together in this wonderful land.

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